Friday, May 13, 2011

What's your favorite Scentsy scent?

This was yesterday's post, but blogger was down. I hope to stamp, tonight. :)

I’m still helping my Katie recover, from her surgery, so no stamping today. So I will talk about another product.
Have you tried Scentsy? I had the pleasure of learning about this product, a little over a month ago. Scentsy is a wickless candle that uses a warming pot, without any fire. The pot uses a light bulb to warm the scent. I have to say that I love my scentsy products. I’m sure my consultant is laughing, because at first I had trouble finding smells that I liked. Some gave me headaches and we had to try really hard to find scents that I liked. I think I might have driven her crazy!! Anyway, I found some that I love.

Here are my favorites:
Enchanted Mist and Sugar Cookie (my absolute fave)
Skinny Dippin’
Perfectly Pomegranate and Vanilla Cream
Sweet Pea and Vanilla (this one is just one scent)
Go-Go Goji and Vanilla Cream
Flirtatious and Sugar
Flutter (this is my 2nd fave)

I purchased 2 different packages. The first came with 2 full size warmers and 6 Scentsy bars. I got the angel in the picture and also a cross warmer. The 2nd came with2 plug-in warmers and 6 Scentsy bars. I promised my consultant that if she just stuck with me and helped me find what I would like, that I would be her best customer. And she did just that! If you need a consultant here is Marissa’s website
Have a great day!!

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  1. I just LOVE anything thats spicy! Yummy makes you want to eat them