Friday, April 27, 2012

Which Disney Princess Am I Blog Hop

Welcome to the Which Disney Princess Am I Blog Hop -

Every girl both old and young alike love to be a "Princess" and we really aren't old to believe we are a princess. Today's hop is going to include our favorite Princess with clues and then the final reveal with our project displaying which Princess we are --- NOW, the question is, how well do you know your Disney Princess?

Clues for my Princess
  1. She lived under the assumed name of Briar Rose.
  2. She never revealed her mothers name.
  3. The Villain's pet bird gets turned to stone.
  4. Her Prince promises to feed his horse oats and carrots, if he agrees to go after the Princess. But after falling into a creek he changes his mind about the carrots.
  5. The Villain was mad because she didn't get invited to the party.
  6. The Princess pricks her finger on a spinning wheel spindle
  7. The Princess has three fairies.
  8. One fairy gives the Princess a flower to protect her.
  9. One of the gifts bestowed on the Princess is Beauty
  10. The Princess was so tired!!!

There will be blog candy of course --- your very own Princess Crown and a Piecing Project of your favorite Princess by remarking on each stop on the royal kingdoms along the way!!! 

I made two items, for the blog hop. The first one is an altered box. I needed something to hold my markers, while working on projects. I have so many different types, that I find myself going back and forth looking for the one I want. Usually, I plan out my projects in my head, so I know what I'm going to be using. I like having everything right in front of me. This box reminds me of Beauty all around me. I love flowers and butterflies. I hope you like it!!!

Now, I hope you didn't fall asleep, because I'm going to reveal my Princess!
Sleeping Beauty

And here one of my real life beauties, Katie. This is a layout of my youngest daughter, when she was in 3rd grade. She has grown so much! Now she is in 5th grade and has lost her baby face. I asked her which Princess I should be and she said "Sleeping Beauty, because she has a pretty dress." I thought that was so sweet, because those days are gone. Now it's texting, computers, and friends!!! On the weekends, sometimes she does still sleep with me. I love it!!! I hope you enjoyed my layout!!!

Some day my Prince will come but, I will always have my crown as these princesses have for you along the way:

  1. Lynne -  
  2. Tami - 
  3. Susan - 
  4. Colleen - 
  5. Janet S -  
  6. CallyAnn- 
  7. Ashley - 
  8. Angela-
  9. Kimberly 
  10. Barbara B 
  11. Bonnie- 
  12. Gill - 
  13. Anita~ 
  14. Beckie - 
  15. Pamela ~ 
Enjoy the hop and please remark!!!


  1. love the butterfly's in the altered box! and your lay out! you did a great job!

  2. The box is very pretty and I love the flowers. The Sleeping Beauty layout is so precious.

  3. Your altered box is awesome!! The LO is fantastic with Sleeping Beauty. Such great inspiration..

  4. Great projects, Pamela!! Love the pic of your adorable daughter! :)

  5. Beautiful box and fabulous layout- such a sweet one of your girl.

  6. great projects! That box is awesome

  7. What a pretty layout, and a cute picture. The supply box is amazing, love the pins and the flowers.

  8. Very cute LO, love the pattern paper and the altered box is very pretty. Nice being in the hop with you.

  9. Lovelylayout and a beautiful young lady as the main focus I love the colors and did you use pff pain on that rincess dress it looks great!! Nice hoping with youtoday.
    Big Blog Hugs, Janet

  10. It's so great you captured this memory of her sweetness because now, you are right...she's off and away with her friend's etc. She'll appreciate it....ONE DAY!
    Nice layout!

    Creative Wishes,
    Claire s.

  11. Apologies for the lateness of my hopping, its been manic here!
    I love what you have created for this hop and great to be apart of it with you.