Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too Blog Hop

Welcome to Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too Blog Hop and Pooh's happy little corner at the 100 Acre Woods. Who doesn't love the cuddly loveable bear that gets stuck in a honey jar???

How do you spell "Tigger" T-I-double"guh"-errrrr, that spells Tigger! that's how!!!! "The wonderful thing about tiggers. Is tiggers are wonderful things.Their tops are made out of rubber. Their bottoms are made out of springs.They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN! But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is I'm the only one. III'm the only one!"

Now, put these two buddies together and what adventures we shall have as will be demonstrated along the way in our hop today!!!

We have a fabulous list of friends today with their wonderful tumbly grumbles in the tummy line up for you today beginning with Lynne at If you have arrived from Anita~  then you haven't fallen out of the forest!!!

Oh, did I mention that there's blog candy???? HMMMMM, guess I didn't. There will be one lucky winner who stops at each stop along the way and leaves a remark of Winnie the Pooh and Friends Cricut Cartridge!!!!! Yeee Hawwww --- I saw that smile!

Well, my project isn't finished.... I'm making a book for my new nephews. My sister just adopted them and they arrived in the United States right before Easter. She adopted them from Ethiopia. They had been living in an orphanage since they were born. Misiker is 3 and Jack just turned 1. They are beautiful boys!!! This now makes 7 kids for her!! I know!!! But she is a wonderful mother. Her oldest is 21.

Anyway, I don't think the boys had very many Winnie the Pooh books, so I decided to hand make them one. I still have to assemble Rabbit, Piglet, Eeyore, and Christopher Robin. And I'm going to put cute little quotes from each of them.
When the book is completed, I promise I will put it on my blog. This is going to be a huge project!!

I found the designs from Little Scraps of Heaven Designs
and all the cardstock was Stampin' Up
I also used Stampin' Pastels to chalk the sides.

You can either follow the empty honey jars along the path or you can follow our incredible line-up:

  1. Lynne ~
  2. Miriam -
  3. Kimberly ~
  4. Linda
  5. Lucy ~
  6. Anita~   
  7. Pamela ~ http// YOU ARE HERE!
  8. Lisa ~
  9. Jackie~

Your next stop along the 100 Acre Woods whether traveling by balloon or bouncing is
Lisa ~

I not only want to thank you for stopping today to visit but in the admirable words of our hero, Winnie the Pooh, "A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside." and I know "We will be friends until forever, just you wait and see."

Happy Hopping!!


  1. Very cute twist on the theme adorable bears.

  2. Great project and wonderful story.I know the hildren are a blessing.
    Hugs, Anita

  3. What a great idea of making your own book. They will love it, especially since it was from the heart.
    Thanks for the chance to win. I would love this cartridge to decorate the nursery of my newest coming arrival in September!

  4. OMG! I love your cute little bears all dressed up! I will have to hop ove to LSH and pick up this file. What a great Auntie you are to put so much work into a book for the kids. Your sister is a amazing person and sounds like she has a heart of gold. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. TFS!

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    1. I messed up! Love the project, good luch with the book and Bless your sister!
      Hummer Hugs,

  6. Oh my I love these guys... I can't wait to see the finished project!!!
    Laura D.

  7. God bless your sister, there must be a lot of joy in her home:)) I am sure she is going to love your album.

  8. How precious! I love the bears with Pooh and Tigger costumes on. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

  9. Great idea! These cuts are just adorable too. Thanks for sharing the link for them and look forward to seeing your finished project when it's done

  10. What cute cut outs. I just love anything to do with Winnie the Pooh. I can't wait to see the finished book. I'm sure the boys will love it.

  11. they are adorable and will be treasured in the book you are making I am sure.


  12. Wow, how crazy is it that my SIL has seven (5 adopted) with the oldest being 21? What a nice project, thanks for being awesome.

  13. What a great start to what is sure to be an adorable book!!!! I can't wait to see the finished product!

    amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

  14. OMG! These came out SOOOOO cute!!! Can't wait to see the finished book!!! Love ya!

  15. What a sweet project and blessing to your ssister for her love of children.

  16. Oh, I sew love these characters and really wouldn't mind a set of my own!!!! What a great start for your lay-outs!!! Its always a pleasure hopping with you my friend!
    "A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside." and I know "We will be friends until forever, just you wait and see."
    Hugs, Love, and Pixie Dust
    Her Craftiness

  17. What a great idea Pamela! They will just LOVE this book. I hope you post each page of the book as you go along :) TFS


  18. How sweet... thanks for sharing and the giveaways!


  19. You are on right track. I am waiting for your finished book.Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower